This guide provides a detailed analysis of gag combinations regarding Sound, Organic Sound, and Soundless toons. I also formatted it in this Google Doc.

I. The Sound Gag Track
Sound is a unique gag track. Each gag always targets a group of Cogs instead of a single one. Not only does it have a nice shade of blue as its color, it’s the track that separates two groups of the other three sets of gag tracks if a toon chooses to go Soundless. It also is the only track that has a different number of points required to receive a new gag. Sound is recommended by many players due to the nature of how it is used.
Like every other track, Sound has seven gags.

*Damage increase points refer to the trigger point when a gag’s damage increases. For example, at ~4200 points, a regular Elephant Trunk’s base damage will increase from 19 to 20.

II. Sound Combinations
Another unique feature about Sound is that Sound gags are the only gags that meld together in a combined quantity of damage. Despite that Sound gags (and even organic Sound) are weak on their own, they are used to their full potential when multiple toons use them at once in battle.
Here are some Sound combinations that either require organic Sound, regular Sound, or both. Take note that it is not mandatory to use this exact combination, for stronger Sound gags can replace them for more damage. Assume all gags do their max damage unless stated otherwise by a number to the right of each gag.
Organic gags are highlighted in green.

How does the specific number for base damage add up, and why is it significant?
Bonus damage (yellow numbers) multiply the base damage by 20%. The formula for the damage output is: .20(b) + c where b represents base (red) damage, and c is for combo (yellow) damage.

A level 10 Cog requires 132 damage to be defeated.

If two toons both use organic Foghorns, the base damage will be 110.
55 + 55 = 110 = b

The damage is now multiplied by 20% which is the combo damage.
.20(110) = 22 = c

The values for base and combo damage are added together and become the damage output.
110 + 22 = 132
(Cogs are defeated)

It takes trial and error to reach the specified number for base damage, but once you get it and verify that if you multiply it by 20%, it should add to the total damage output a Cog needs to be defeated.

III. Incorporating Sound and Organic Sound with Soundless toons

Method 1 - The Lure Liability

The Lure Liability, as I like to call it, does what it says. Lure’s purpose is to guarantee that your Sound gags will hit. The common strategy is the Soundless toon will Lure while the others use Sound. Other gags can also be used in the same round if appropriate. Usually, most of these combos (especially Opera Singer combos) will not be used and the group will end up luring, but I am just showing different combos that can be used if any situation like any other is in play. The Lure Liability can be used in any battle, but the most common facilities I use these strategies are in Mints and CGCs.

Cashbot Mints

Method 2 - The Quick Pick Trick

The Quick Pick Trick is a fairly new strategy to me that I have never thought of. Sometimes, all four Cogs won’t join the battle at once and usually two or three enter the battle after all of the toons do. I only use this strategy for the first round of Skelecogs in a DA Office and Mint battles. I don’t think this strategy is necessary for CGCs since toons usually don’t carry 80 gags. While this method doesn’t really have any significance to organic sound, it is very useful to help save Sound gags to speed through the later battles.

DA Offices

Method 3 - Soundless with organic Throw

Organic Throw is highly recommended for Soundless toons. These two combinations are for at least two organic Sound users and one (Soundless) toon with Organic throw.

DA Offices


CGC Strategies


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Thank you for reading, and I hope this guide will help!