The event had been announced many weeks before.

Bullion after bullion had been run.

The day was FINALLY here!

The Tax Day CFO Multi-Max was about to begin

The toons gathered in excited expectation!

Brilliant Really Adorable Toon aka Ken
Bubble Gum aka Carla
Circle of Life aka Steffi
Dear Prudence aka Ruth
Lady Rose aka Cari
Silly Lollipop Thundersticks aka Heather

After several tries to get in the door, the elevator was loaded.

Those cogs tried, they really did but . . . .

They were no match for the team of brave toons!

Seeing that the cogs could not get the job done,

The CFO declared that he would do it himself!!!

But alas, his efforts were to no avail either.

Just a short time later, the six dancers were celebrating

Mata was thrilled to reward the victors with 80 laff boost and full maxed cash suits!

Congratulations to Ken, Carla, Steffi, Ruth, Cari and Heather on maxing cash!

The After Party:

Special thanks to Ken and Carla for their help with the screenshots.