Hey everyone, I was just thinking that with all of the boss runs we do, besides maxing and goon stomping I don't think I saw any other "performance" rewards. I was thinking...

  • MVPie Award: Okay so I am probably more proud of this play on words than I should be, but not only is it "MVP" for "Most Valuable Person" but it has "VP" for the boss it takes place in and the "Pie" fits in nicely... Anyway, for this award someone is nominated for excellent stunning of the VP during the cream pie phase.
  • Confident Craning Award: Nominated for outstanding craning in the CFO.
  • Stunning Stunner Award: Nominated for exceptional stunning (solo, duo, etc.) in the CJ.
  • CEO Soaker Award: Nominated for noteworthy performance in the CEO seltzer round, whether that be crafty maneuvers to maximize their damage on him or throwing out a toon-up unite in a time of need.

That's all I've got for now