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      Default Cutting Out A Toon Using Gimp

      How to Cutout a Toon using Gimp

      Step One: Take a screenshot and open it up in gimp. I'd suggest using a screenshot taken with a gray or green background. This makes Step Three a lot easier. Also remember to say something in bubble chat before you take the screenshot so that your name tag doesn't cover any part of your toon. Once you've got your screenshot up use the selection tool to select a rectangle around your toon. Zoom in and make sure that the selection has only selected as far as the furthest pixel of the toon in each direction. At this point hit crop to selection.

      Step Two: Add alpha channel. This allows you to have the background transparent rather than white.

      Step Three: Use the magic wand to select and delete the background. Click on the tool, then click on the area that you want to delete. It should select the area that you clicked - now press delete. You will need to do this for all of the areas around the toon.

      Step Four: Erase extra bits that are harder to select. There will be some bits that are harder to select. Use your eraser for these parts.

      Step Five: Select the toon by the transparency: Layer>Transparency>Alpha to selection

      Step Six: Invert the selection. Press delete. Usually there will be some transparent bits floating around that are harder to see, these last two steps will make sure that they don't make it to the final cutout.

      The final product:

      @Thank you, Kenzie for the guide!
      All credits goes to Kenzie, Alanniah.

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      Thanks @SheriffReggie, this will definitely be helpful

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      @SheriffReggie this is awesome! I never really explored what GIMP can do besides nice resizing so I'll definitely try this out I've been looking to make my own signature.

      ~*~ Deputy Loopy Doggenslam: 119 Laff ~*~ Deputy Loopy Doggensnout: 76 Laff ~*~
      Thank you SheriffReggie for my Signature!

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      Thank you for sharing this with us, Reggie! This is definitely a very efficient way to conduct a toon cutout when the background is mostly one colour!

      I also found the bubble tip quite useful - I always forget to do the bubble and I have to end up remaking part of the toon. Or I just leave out the top part of the toon to disguise my mistake !
      "Action is the foundational key to all success" - Pablo Picasso

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