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    Thread: Site Rules

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      Default Site Rules

      Thank you for registering here at Gaming Nation Forums. Please read our forum rules below and abide by them while on our fansite.

      The Blah Blah Blah Business….

      GNF Policies and Disclaimers
      Welcome to the GNF forums, a fansite for several popular online MMORP games. We are a
      TEEN-rated fansite for people age 13 and up; anyone under the age of 13 years wishing to be a member here will need to get a COPPA (Children Online Protection Privacy Act) permission form filled out and signed by their parent/guardian. Please read these policy guidelines as they apply to all public and member-only areas of GNF. There is no reason for violating any policy with the excuse "I didn't know it was a policy" or "I didn't think that was the meaning of that rule." Ignorance of the rules is never acceptable. If you are questioning yourself on whether or not your actions are in violation of the site rules, then you should refrain from doing that action and ask an Administrator (Admin) or Moderator (Mod) before proceeding. Keep in mind that Admins have final say about what happens on GNF and their decisions are final. Please report any problems or policy violations you see on the forums by using the report post button located at the top right-hand corner of every post and PM.

      All guidelines and policies apply to, but are not limited to, all forums, threads, posts, private messages, userpages, profiles, avatars and signatures.

      We are unable to moderate member on member activities outside of GNF; this includes Skype or any Instant Messaging services you choose to use. Staff will not discuss forum related issues with members on Skype, nor Skype related issues on the forums.

      Forum Registration
      In order to post on our forums and interact with other users, you are required to register. Registration is completely free. All we ask is that you provide a valid email address and accurate date of birth. Anyone who is found to have an invalid email address in their profile will be moved to the "Users Awaiting Activation" usergroup, which shuts off posting ability until the email has been activated. Note: If you have problems activating your email, you may send us an email to gamingconnected@gmail.com from the email address registered in your profile. Activation keys will not be sent to any other email address.

      During your registration, you will need to choose a username to identify yourself on the forum. If you wish to change this, you may PM any Admin. Username changes will only be allowed once per year, unless purchased through our forum shop.
      Also You must use your Correct legal Birthday. Lying about this information will not be accepted! If caught we may ask for documentation to prove your legal age!!

      Deleting Accounts

      We do not delete accounts (with the exception of unsuccessful COPPA applications)." I would add "Spambots will be removed for everyones safety. If we removed your account because we thought you were a spambot, then you can appeal writing us at gamingconnected@gmail.com"

      Multiple/Sharing Accounts
      Members are allowed only one user account per person. If more than
      one person lives in the household and wants
      to register on the forum site from the same comp, to contact us by email at gamingconnected@gmail.com and we will help you add the account
      Sharing an account with other family members and/or friends is strictly forbidden.

      You are responsible for anyone and everyone who uses your account and/or accesses other accounts from your computer. Stating that you share accounts with another user is not allowed. This promotes others to do the same which is not allowed.

      COPPA: Users under 13 years of age
      United States federal law requires us to obtain parental permission to enable users under 13 to post to the forums. This is enforced at the registration process by requiring anyone who puts a birthday that puts them under 13 to send in a parental permission form. Anyone believed to have submitted an incorrect birthday will be moved to the COPPA usergroup that denies posting and PMing ability until we receive parental permission/confirmation of age. If we receive a complaint that we are storing information of a child under 13 without parental permission, that account and all of its posts will be immediately deleted and additional steps will be taken to prevent future registration.

      Impersonation Of Other Users

      Anyone creating accounts with similar names as other users in an attempt to impersonate them will be banned from the site.

      Reputation Comments
      Reputation comments should only be Given in relevance
      to a post. Please do not spam or ask questions in the reputation.
      Example: Sending Nice thread is acceptable
      Sending what are u doing tonight is not acceptable.

      The Rules We All Must Live By….

      Please post in the appropriate forum; otherwise, we might move it. We reserve the right to move, remove, or close any post for any violations or reasons we deem necessary.

      Posting To Forums
      Posting to forums enables you to communicate and collaborate with your friends and others that play or played Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Definition of the word: forum -- A public place or medium for open discussions. You access forums by clicking on the forum link and by clicking on the title of the individual forum you want to view. For example, you can click on the Game News or Off-Topic Chit Chat link to see a list of available discussions. Then, you can click on the title of discussion you wish to view.

      Please post in the appropriate forum. Do not be upset if we move your post to a more appropriate forum. In the event you find your post "missing", please attempt to locate it in what might be a more appropriate forum by using the Search feature.

      Each forum has a name and a brief description with them. This makes information easier for people to find if they have a similar question or are interested in the same things.

      We reserve the right to move, remove, or close any post for any violations or reasons we deem necessary. (Disciplinary action will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity.)

      Any sites in direct competition with our site unless allowed on our Approved Links list, containing obscene content, or those seeking for personal gain are not to be linked to or mentioned. You may Post links to sites that are helpful as long as they do not break the rules.

      Clan Advertising
      You are free to create threads in your own forum for events and notices. You are free to leave visitor messages for members of your clan or social group. Any member that does not fall under this category or is not a personal friend, leaving a VM for them may get reported for advertising. You are also allowed to leave a VM for a new forum member with a welcome message and a link to your clan, but please restrict those to one VM per clan.

      Extortion is when one or several people try to either obtain or dismantle something of value from another person or group by using leverage of current circumstances (most commonly the use of threats or blackmail against one's property). Extortion is a federal offense, and under no circumstances should anyone do or be apart of it. Any user found to be involved in any way will receive an immediate ban.

      Back Seat Modding
      A person may not act like or impersonate a moderator or an administrator of this forum unless they are one, this includes but is not limited to usertitles. Back seat modding includes but is not limited to: correcting another user or taking matters into your own hands by replying, PMing, or scolding another user. This behavior often ends in a flame war or makes the targeted user upset and therefore is not tolerated.

      English Only
      The moderators/administrators and other users must be able to read and comprehend your posts. To ensure this, we ask that everyone only posts in English with the exception of the Other Languages forum. Massively Multiplayer Online Games primarily use the English language and therefore set a common ground of communication. You may, however, write in other languages to your friends in PM or ask a specific question/answer for foreign language homework. This rule also applies to signatures and avatars regardless of forum.

      Deliberately attacking another user on the forums will not be tolerated for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to: race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. An attack is considered any word, phrase or image that casts any user in a negative light.

      Cyber-Bullying & Cyber-Stalking
      Cyber-Bullying is when one person or a group uses modern interactive technologies to harass someone. They are strictly for negative reactions only to antagonize others. Cyber-Bullying counts as Flaming, and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

      The practice of cyber-bullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition in adults, the distinction in age groups is referred to as cyber-stalking or cyber-harassment when perpetrated by adults toward adults. A pattern of repeated such actions against a target by and between adults constitutes cyber-stalking.

      Cyber-Bullying & Cyber-Stalking is not allowed anywhere on GNF, this includes but is not limited to any of the forums, posts, private messages, profiles, signatures, visitor messages or avatars.

      Naming Names
      Naming someone's name in post that has offended you either in the game or on the forum is seen as Flaming and is not allowed. If someone misbehaves in the game, report them to the game provider. If they offend you on the forum, report them to staff.

      Hacking and Hacker Discussions

      Promoting of hacking and discussion about technical details of hacking is forbidden. Using third party programs or altering game files can result in your gaming account being suspended or terminated. Inherent bugs and/or glitches of games are allowed to be discussed in the correct forums.

      Highly Controversial Topics
      Discussions designed to educate or explore a topic are permitted; however, topics designed simply to inflame or generate conflict will not be tolerated. Posts containing political subject matter (i.e., new governmental laws, candidates, etc.), promotion of religious beliefs, or other topics which can cause debates to go beyond a civil debate will be removed.

      Inappropriate/Non PG-Rated Discussions

      This site is family friendly. As such, nothing obscene will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:

      Foul language/cursing/offensive terms (including abbreviations)
      Drug or alcohol use (or any other illegal substance)
      Modern weapons (guns, grenades, torpedoes, etc)
      We know some games are using weapons so if you have a doubt you may always
      as a staff member if its allowed

      Debates about severe or life-threatening illnesses
      Debates about death
      Unmoderated chat rooms or instant messaging apps on user pages
      and other topics not suitable for all ages
      Users found in violation of this policy may receive an automatic ban depending on the severity of the infraction.

      Other Rules To follow

      1. Do not post nude or disturbing material.Disturbing material including dirty talk, Dirty pictures etc.
      No Profanity will be tolerated on the Open Forums

      2. Do not bump your own thread or the threads of others repetitively.
      This includes but not limited to just posting the word “bump” found in many server advertisement threads. If you need staffs attention or another member please use the Mentions Feature. For example @name of member.

      3. Do not double post. If you have something to add to your last post, then simply edit it. Double posts will be merged.

      4. Do not bring grudges with people you know elsewhere onto GNF.

      5. Do not try to irritate people.

      6. Any user replacing previously deleted/edited posts that have already been
      reviewed by a mod/admin is considered trolling
      the mod staff
      by not only ignoring our sites policy guidelines,
      but also the actions of that mod.
      This action will result in automatic suspension.
      Please contact a Mod first to initiate the appeal procedure if you do not agree with an action taken.

      7. Do NOT Discuss staff actions with other members. Meaning do not talk with your friends about being banned, or disciplined. Staffs
      Decisions are handled on a case to case basis.

      Multiple/Sharing Accounts

      Members are allowed only one user account per person per household. Sharing an account with other family members and/or friends is strictly forbidden.

      You are responsible for anyone and everyone who uses your account and/or accesses other accounts from your computer. Stating that you share accounts with another user is not allowed. This promotes others to do the same which is not allowed.

      In terms of guideline violations, mods/admins may track multiple shared accounts from single or multiple computers as one account. If a guideline violation is severe enough, it may become necessary to ban one or all of the user accounts on the same computer, depending on the severity of the infraction. Therefore, the actions of one person could easily directly impact all known accounts that access the sites from a single computer.

      Users who have been disciplined should not attempt to make another account. Users who do risk an extension of the suspension or possibly being permanently banned from the forum. If you do need to have more than one account in your household, contact a staff member to let them know. Failure to inform a staff member may result in you receiving a sanction against you.

      NOTE: This rule does not apply to Admins/Mods, as they often need multiple accounts to test technical issues that come up from various user levels, and to do that properly, it requires us to create "test" accounts.

      Name Changes
      One name change each year will be allowed per account. To request a name change, please PM an admin with your new name. Do not PM a Mod as they cannot help you with this request.

      If you have been suspended for a period of 7 days or more, you are not eligible to receive a name change, However if you
      have not had a rule violation within 3 months you may change your name.

      We will not allow any name changes that contain characters which cannot be typed on a conventional English keyboard. We no longer allow non-alphabetic or non-numerical characters to be included in usernames other than an underscore (_) due to the problems they may cause with certain aspects of our site's software and the hassle of having to copy/paste certain usernames that would contain them. The decision whether to allow the new name is based on the guidelines and the discretion of the Admin Staff.

      Off-Topic/Nonsense Posts
      If your post/thread does not make sense, hijacks, disrupts, is filled with gibberish or contributes nothing to the discussion, it will be removed. While we expect that some topics will stray a bit, if a series of posts completely takes over the discussion and/or disrupts the flow of conversation, those posts will either be removed, edited, or split into a separate thread.

      Outside Links
      You may post any outside link as long as it is not pornographic or deemed inappropriate by staff. Gaming Nation Forums reserves the right to blacklist any URLs. When you click an external URL, you will be prompted with a warning, and you will have to either click "Continue" to proceed to the external URL, or "cancel" to return back to Gaming Nation Forums. Gaming Nation Forums will not be responsible for anything outside of the GNF site. Please do Not Post links from other forums
      on our site. This is not allowed.

      Personal Information
      This site has children present therefore asking for or volunteering personal information is not allowed.

      Personal Info consists of but is not limited to:

      Real Life Names (either first OR last are allowed - if not unique, never both)
      Phone numbers are NOT allowed
      Age (this includes displaying full date of birth)
      Gender (Stating which you are is okay. Asking another person's gender is not.)
      Location (Saying which country, state, or province you live in is acceptable; but anything smaller, such as city, is not.)
      Email (except in your Contact Info section on profiles)
      Password/Account Information
      School Information (grade can be discussed in Private)
      Posting personal pictures including yourself, family, other users, schools, local landmarks, or homes; unless in your private album, or within the usergroups allowed.

      We will allow you to post your IM name(s), as well as links to profile pages on social media or other sites As long as its on the approved list. Tumblr is not on the approved list!! If you wish to do so; however, you are doing this at your own risk. We cannot be responsible for any content or actions that occur outside of the GNF site. These forums are visible to viewers who are not logged in, and even members can be considered "strangers." You may also post that you would like IM friends and request that someone PM you their IM name, which is a much safer way of ensuring that the right person gets your code.

      Game Codes
      You may post in-game friend codes and usernames in the forum, but you do so at your own risk. (You may NOT, however, use these forums to publicly post your account login information.) These forums are visible to viewers who are not logged in and even members can be considered "strangers." You may also post that you would like game friends and request that someone PM you a code, which is a much safer way of ensuring that the right person gets your code.

      Custom Signatures/Avatars
      Users should be considerate of other users on the forums. Signatures, avatars and profile pictures MUST BE appropriate for the public forum area. No personal photos or adult/controversial subject matter is allowed in signatures, avatars or profile pictures. Personal photos MUST be in a private album and may not be posted in the forum area. Excessive signatures cause the flow of the threads to be disrupted. Signature images are limited to a total size of 600 pixels in length, 200 pixels in height. Max filesize is 2MB. (See example of allowed image area/size in the spoiler below.) You are allowed up to 8 small smileys in your signature. Text is limited to 10 lines with a font size no larger then Size 4.

      Spamming and Irritating Posting Styles
      "Spam" refers to posting identical, irrelevant, hard-to-read posts that make it difficult to comprehend what a user is attempting to state. Posting non-sense that breaks the flow of a post or has nothing to do with the conversation topic is also considered spam. Mass PMing people you do not know or who have not invited you to PM them, posting for the sole purpose of boosting your post count, excessive bumping of threads, double posting and one or two letter replies (i.e. ok, LOL, Yes, agreed, nods) is also considered as spam.

      When posting on open forums, the excessive use of caps/lowercase variances (I wAnT A sEcReT fRiEnD), poor color choices for their text versus the forum's skin color (such as white text on a yellow background), excessive punctuation (yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) or letter repetition in a word (Wooooooooooooooot!), and excessive use of smileys as posts are irritating and often hard to read so will be removed at the discretion of the mod staff.

      Trolling is trying to make someone or a group of people angry by forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness (this list is not exhaustive). This is done by unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander and/or by baiting people to flame at you, stating false arguments, or putting the forum down and/or encouraging people to leave. Using a poll or post to claim that another user is better, smarter, cuter, or in any way a favorite is also trolling. Claiming copyright or trademark infringement without true possession of said documentation is another form of trolling. This type of behavior is not permitted.

      Any user replacing previously deleted/edited posts that have already been reviewed by a mod/admin is considered trolling the mod staff by not only ignoring our sites policy guidelines, but also the actions of that mod.Any Member that quotes another members post and gets a violation for breaking this rule can dispute the violation,however it would be pointless as we already have the orignial violation.This action will result in automatic suspension. Please contact a Mod first to initiate the appeal procedure if you do not agree with an action taken.

      Reputation System Misuse

      The Reputation system allows our members to leave positive feedback comments about other user's posts, and thereby contribute to their overall 'reputation'. Common use is to show one's appreciation for someone posting a guide or being helpful with their answers to a thread. Rep comments are subject to all other site policies and will be enforced. If you obtain any reputation comments that violate any of our policies, contact a Mod about this immediately.

      Reputation Begging
      The act of requesting reputation from other users on the open forum is called reputation begging. Acts of requesting or bribing or having others feel sorry for them on the open forums to obtain additional rep from people are prohibited. Exclusions apply at the discretion of Staff.


      Any posts, guides, images and/or other items that are a copy of someone else's work used without permission OR WITHOUT GIVING THE CREATOR CREDIT will be removed at the request of the creator.

      Mod Shopping

      When you have a concern you'd like to discuss privately, please only PM one mod/admin. When messages are sent to many different mods it is difficult to know if the questions have already been answered. The entire mod staff operates under the same rules and policies; therefore, attempting to solicit a more favorable answer is a waste of the staff's time. They will only PM you if they need to follow up with you concerning the matter of your message.

      Typical Mod Contacts
      First contact will be a reminder, followed by 2nd and 3rd reminders. Next will come a first warning followed by a final warning (final warnings are valid from 3 Month from the date of issue). Suspensions vary from: 3 - 5 days the first time, 5-7 days the next, two weeks, a month, etc. Each time a user is suspended from GNF it will be for a longer period until they are permanently banned from GNF. The mod is not limited to these guidelines if the infraction is severe enough. Please check the edit reasons as a mod will often 'fix' a post and take no further action if the problem is very minor.

      Search Feature
      Many common questions can be answered by searching for similar posts. Answering the same questions over and over, or merging multiple threads of the same topic, is time-consuming for our volunteer staff and could be solved by simply checking to see if the topic exists before posting.

      Moderation Queue
      Posts/threads/pictures subject to approval are reviewed often throughout the day. Please be patient while waiting for your post to appear. Badgering the mod staff to get your post approved will not help it get approved any faster than it would have otherwise.

      Currently Not set up Yet
      We greatly appreciate the support our users voluntarily wish to give us for providing a great fan site for Massively Multiplayer Games. Donations and Subscriptions to the site are just that -- a donation, it is not a payment. We have provided users with extra features/subscriptions for donating as a courtesy and a "thank you for supporting" but other than that it is a donation. We do not provide refunds on donations. If a user decides not to use the features/subscriptions or decides to quit the site or violates the policies of the site and loses their account, it has nothing to do with their donation.

      We do not have the capacity to moderate member to member chat on Skype, as a result, Staff will not discuss forum related issues with members on Skype, nor Skype related issues on the forums. If you have a site related concern/issue then you are to PM a member of Staff via GNF. Should you experience an issue on Skype we can only suggest you delete and block the member(s) involved. GNF can not be held responsible for any out of forum activities.

      Our Staff
      Mods and Admins of GNF monitor your compliance with the rules of the site and dispense disciplinary action at their discretion. Disciplinary decisions may be appealed through the Appeal Procedure. All appeals should be kept within PM's and/or e-mail correspondence and should not be publicly posted or sent via friends. If you have concerns regarding an incident, please feel free to discuss the matter with the mod or admin via e-mail or PM. Do not create a new topic simply for the purposes of questioning a moderator's decision. In addition, user infractions and disciplinary actions will only be discussed with the individual account holder and no other person(s). If you have an issue with actions taken or displayed by a Mod please report it to an Admin. If you have an issue with an Admin, please report it to another Admin.

      Staff of gamingconnected.com

      The following infractions will be issued for breaking the rules:
      Friendly Reminder
      First Reminder
      Second Reminder
      First Warning
      Final Warning
      Suspension and possible regimoderation upon return
      Permanent Ban


      Please report any problems or policy violations you see on the forums by using the report post button located at the top right-hand corner of every post and PM. The Moderators at GNF watch the forum closely, but due to the high volumes of posts per day, it is important that you be vigilant. When reporting a post, please be sure to type a message that explains how you think it breaks site rules. Please do not contact members yourself, let the Mods handle it. When you report a post, staff members will receive a notification, reported posts are a high priority and are normally dealt with within 24 hours (sooner where possible). We do not let donations or seniority dictate to or influence us on the decisions that are made in keeping this site fun and safe for all of our members.

      Site Content
      Admins reserve the right to remove or edit any content on the site as they deem necessary without recourse.

      Site Privacy
      Any and all discussions between Staff and Staff or Staff and Members is in strict confidence. Any transmission of discussions in any form outside of the intended participation group will be seen as discussing Staff actions and will result in sanctions being imposed.

      Site Disclaimer

      GNF cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any other damages or legal obligation arising out of or in connection with the content, and/or use, of this website or in reliance on the information available on this site. This includes but is not limited to any personal injury, business interruption, loss of use, lost data, lost profits, or any other pecuniary loss, whether in an action of contract, negligence, or other tortuous action, even if GNF has been informed of the possibility.

      Any person wishing to pursue any type of legal action against GNF is to do so in accordance with United States law. Any correspondence is to be sent to gamingconnected@gmail.com and will only be dealt with if received by a recognized legal authority.

      We reserve the right to add/delete or modify any and all policies for this site at any time we deem necessary.

      Thank you for reading and abiding by the rules.

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