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    Thread: Privacy Policy

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      Default Privacy Policy

      Gaming Nation Forums Privacy Policy

      Privacy Policy of gamingconnected.com

      This policy applies to http://www.gamingconnected.com only (hereinafter referred to as "Gaming Nation Forums", "GNF", "Gaming Nation") and does not apply to external websites. Gaming Nation Forums does not accept responsibility for any external site policy violations by our members. Members are advised to read and understand individual website policies for the sites they visit.

      Data Sharing

      Any information we collect from you is only used by Gaming Nation Forums. We do not share your information with anyone else. The only exception to this would be if information was requested from us, from the correct authorities, for legal reasons.


      Regarding any issues that may arise in the forum, such as email verification problems, account problems, or a reply to a query, you will be contacted via email. You have the option for members to email you via the GNF forum, but you do not have the option to display your email address. You also have the option to make your instant messenger information available to registered members.

      Should you decide to provide that information, we are not responsible for any content or conversations that occur outside of Gaming Nation Forums. Safety should be your main priority. Do not give out personal information to people you don’t know.


      Gaming Nation Forums applies cookies when it comes to remembering certain information about you. This includes remembering your login, forum-related activities, and other personal settings.


      By donating to gamingconnected.com, you may gain additional forum features depending on the package you purchase, but no purchase is necessary to participate in the forums. After selecting your package, you will be brought to Paypal, a third-party e-commerce business that Gaming Nation Forums uses to process our donations. Gaming Nation Forums cannot access your personal information in any shape or form as it is managed through Paypal, a third party service. You are responsible for reading Paypal's Terms of Serivce and other policies. We are not responsible and cannot be held responsible for administering Paypal's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and/or other policies Paypal may occupy.

      Policy Changes

      Changes may be made to this policy at any time. Changes will be kept in this thread only.

      Contact Information:

      Email: gamingconnected@gmail.com

      Gaming Nation Forums is NOT responsible for any resident who signs up with fictitious information to bypass certain site rules and laws we abide by. Gaming Nation Forums, as a whole, cannot be officiated with any complications that may occur due to the fact.
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